Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mini's Introductory Post

Hello Friends,

My first post on this blog.A little introduction-My name is Mini, I have been cross stitching since I was 7 years. However, I took a break from it for 10 years and have restarted since Jun 2014. I have a blog where you can read more about my cross stitching journey.

This Friday (and Saturday) I worked on my New year New Start. Here are progress pics:
My humble start on 1st Jan 2017

Progress on Day 4
Here is how the finished piece will look like
Dimension kit-Indian Peacock
I started the kit while I was on vacation in Dubai and forgot to pack the instruction sheet in the luggage. Yesterday I read the instructions and I think I will have some some troubles with half cross stitches. We will see when I come to that part, right now I'm enjoying stitching the peach stitches.


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  2. Beautiful design. I am excited to see this grow and for the peacock to develop.

  3. Love this pattern! Looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

  4. This is a beautiful pattern. I will enjoy watching your progress.

  5. Mini, this is gorgeous! Beautiful start.

  6. What a lovely pattern! I'm sure the half cross stitches will be fine, if anything they are easier than full crosses!

  7. Beautiful stitching. Isn't it fun to start a brand new stitch.....Every bit as exciting as it is to finish one up. Half cross stitches are so easy. Not to worry. LindaLee